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Living at your best starts with a healthy diet that is rich in nutrients. A good diet, coupled with an active lifestyle, can improve not only the way we feel, but the way we look as well. Our coaches e are focussed on helping you achieve optimum health and wellness, through balanced nutrition and personal coaching and support.

Whatever your health goal, we have a comprehensive range of products and services to ensure you achieve it…

We also help with balanced nutrition, digestive health, immune health amongst other specifc areas and have an extensive natural skin care range.

Our team our Personal Wellness Coaches with the global health and nutrition company, Herbalife International, whose mission is to promote ‘healthy active lifestyles’ in our communities and improve the nutritional habits of individuals around the world.

Herbalife has been a worldwide leader in nutrition for over 31 years and today continues to stand at the forefront of the Wellness Industry in more than 75 countries around the world. As the Official Nutrition Sponsors of David Beckham’s LA Galaxy team, and more recently having been appointed as Nutritional Suppliers to FC Barcelona and Personal Sponsor of world-class footballer, Lionel Messi, Herbalife has become a symbol of good health, vitality and wellness across the globe.

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These materials were prepared by Independent Herbalife Distributor, Herbal Vitality,  Alan Woodward, 68 Swan Walk, Shepperton, TW17 8LY

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  1. Brandon says:

    Hi,I have been currently taking herbalife products for the past 2 months, so far I’m seeing great results. As my fitness is starting to improve I’m thinking about using the herbalife24 products. My question is how do I go about taking the herbalife24 products on a daily basis? I’ve order the formula 1 sport shake but not sure if I should take it to replace 2 meals a day or not like the regular shakes.

    Thanks for all your help!

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